Interoceanic Estate

Interoceanic Estate

Corridor Plot

The plot of the Interoceanic Estate is defined by 372 kilometers long and 140 meters wide which crosses, through 22 municipalities, Guatemalan territory to connect the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.  The plot consists of a 2-way railway, a road and a pipeline of four pipelines, which start in Moyuta, Jutiapa and end in Puerto Barrios, Izabal.

Port and Logistics Platforms

Port Platforms conform the area of port infrastructures and neighboring logistics areas.  San Luis Port Platform on the Pacific coast is located in the municipalities of Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa, Pasaco, Jutiapa and Moyuta, Jutiapa, with 1,540 hectares. On the other hand, San Jorge Port Platform on the Atlantic coast is located in the municipality of Puerto Barrios, Izabal with 1,651 hectares.

Ecological Compensation

In order to offset the negative environmental impact of the construction and operation of multimodal infrastructures, 8,010 hectares (40% of the total area of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor of Guatemala) have been set aside to carry out environmental protection activities for both flora and fauna. 80% of the areas are adjacent to port platforms and the remaining 20% are located in parallel line to the Corridor Plot.  

Industrial Areas

As a complement, the Interoceanic Estate has 2,700 hectares for industrial development in five areas distributed throughout the plot.  Industrial areas are located in the municipalities of Oratorio, Santa Rosa, Asunción Mita, Jutiapa, Agua Blanca, Jutiapa, San Manuel Chaparrón, Jalapa and Gualán, Zacapa, with the most extensive municipalities located in Oratorio and Asunción Mita.

Transfer Areas

For interconnection with Guatemala and with neighboring countries, a transfer area of 353 hectares has been established, located in the city of Chiquimula, Chiquimula. The object of this area is to distribute the load with El Salvador, Honduras, Southern Mexico or Guatemala as country of origin or destination.